RTM means cash everywhere

RTMs provide a complete set of banking transactions

RTMs run KAL ATM software so it is easy for banks to securely deliver retail banking services direct to consumers.

Services include balance inquiry, bill payment, account transfer, mobile top-up and more.

RTMs support customer personalisation, one-to-one marketing and advertisements.

The RTM executes a “back-to-back” transaction and credits the retailer instantly for cash dispensed.

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RTMs are easy to setup, manage and maintain

The RTM is small and lightweight so it can be conveniently located in any retail environment.

All you need is a power socket and a connection to your ATM network and you are ready to go.

Real-time monitoring using KAL KTC software gives full system details, remote software updates and a complete set of status and management reports.

Simple and secure access to all hardware components allows store staff to replenish paper or even swap out devices.

RTMs have a low TCO and are secure

RTMs are a fraction of the cost of an ATM to own and operate. No cash is stored in the RTM so there is no need for armoured services. And there is no cash sitting idly inside.

RTMs support EMV chip-and-pin transactions and come with full regulatory compliance including encrypting 3DES PCI EPP, Remote Key Loading (RKL), PA-DSS and KAL’s Kalignite security lockdown.

RTMs are securely installed to prevent theft and come with extended tamper-detection and integrated video security as standard.

RTMs are easy for customers to use

The RTM works just like an ATM and has a large 17” touch screen and an intuitive interface with easy to follow on-screen instructions.

Customers can connect directly to a bank call center by video conference.

Situated in retail environments, RTMs are safe and convenient for bank customers to use.