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Bank scoops top innovation award thanks to the KAL RTM

KAL’s RTM has secured an innovation award for Malaysia’s Hong Leong Islamic Bank.

The Asset’s Triple A Digital Awards recognise financial institutions and technology firms that have excelled in innovating and developing a unique digital experience for customers across the Asia-Pacific region.

This year’s Most Innovative ATM Project award was given to Hong Leong Islamic Bank for its creative use of KAL’s RTM whereby the bank’s customers use the RTM to make religious charitable payments.

For the first time, Muslims in Malaysia have been able to pay their annual charitable fee - known as Zakat - using a debit card at the RTM, rather than cash. Government organisation Zakat Selangor was previously collecting all of the money in cash, which meant large volumes of cash being held on site. The government’s cashless program has encouraged the organisation to use the RTM to collect these funds via debit cards.

Christopher Martin, of Hong Leong Bank, welcomed the award, saying: “Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the cashless ATM project.”

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RTM Launch In Indonesia

Representatives from Indonesia’s top banks were in attendance as KAL introduced the RTM at two hugely successful events in Jakarta recently.

KAL CEO, Aravinda Korala, and KAL EVP of Sales, Steve Hensley, showcased the ground-breaking cashless ATM with British Ambassador, Mark Canning, also giving a speech.


With the capacity to revolutionise both branch and branchless banking, the RTM is of particular interest to countries with both developed and developing banking infrastructures and its potential for the Indonesian market was reflected by the attendance figures and lively discussion at both events.

The first RTM event, on February 18, introduced the RTM to executives from the top seven Indonesian banks and the Central Bank of Indonesia. The second event, two days later, was targeted at ATM technology and operations personnel from 31 invited banks.

Both events were organised with KAL’s local partner, Hexaon Business Mitrasindo (HBM), and featured demonstrations of the RTM and presentations including “The New Innovation of Branchless Banking” and “Maximise ATM Benefits with Multivendor Software”.

Speaking afterwards, Aravinda Korala said: “In a country of Indonesia’s size there is no doubt the RTM can make access to a banking infrastructure significantly easier for millions of Indonesians, so it was fantastic to have the opportunity to present to the nation’s most influential banking executives.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the attendance and the level of enthusiasm for the product and expect the RTM to play a big role in the future of Indonesian banking.”

Roeddy Zeng, Managing Director of HBM added: “The event was a huge success and it was fantastic to see so much appreciation for the RTM from Indonesia’s top banking professionals.”

You can view you the highlights from the events by watching the video above.